lasah – Brilliant World [lyrics + translation]

beautilful world

This is the first track from the first disc from the Rejet Sound Collection CD. It’s also the Opening theme for the Rejet Beautiful World Concert.

It’s such a gorgeous song. ❤ I’ve probably listened to the song and its instrumental version hundreds of times ahaha \o\

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Zwei – Toxxin’ (Lip on My Prince theme) lyrics + translation


Oh. hello. I’m still alive. xD

I have a confession to make. I haven’t listened to a single volume of Lip on My Prince. I just encountered this song while I was listening to Rejet Sound Collection and was instantly hooked when I heard it. So I guess it’s time to listen to the drama CDs heehee ❤

Also working on the other songs on Rejet Sound Collection. I would have been done days ago IF YOWAMUSHI PEDAL HASN’T TAKEN OVER MY LIFE UGHHH *laughcries*

Anyway, here we go~

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Edit: Since apparently you can’t donate in dollars in PRC’s paypal page, I changed the amount in pesos for people outside the Philippines who would like to join. Please check the post below again! 

Also, adding stuff in the prize options yayyyyy

As most of you have probably heard already, recently the Philippines (my country 😦 ) was hit with typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan). It’s one of the strongest storms ever recorded with wind speed reaching up to 315 km/h. The storm passed quickly but brought much destruction. Several towns in the Visayas region were reduced to almost nothing. There was so much loss of lives and property, and the sad thing is the storm passed through some of the poorest provinces in the country. 😦

I’m very lucky to have been living in a place that was barely touched by the storm.Still, my heart goes out to those affected by this calamity. And with that, I, together with the help some members of Seiyuu PH, decided to have a Seiyuu CD raffle.

I know I can’t do much myself, so I appeal to the generosity of seiyuu fans. I hope this will be a success! :3 Spare a few dollars and get a chance to win some seiyuu goodies~ \o\


1) The raffle is open to everyone. But please do make sure that you are comfortable with revealing personal details such as your name and shipping address.

2) For every 150php (~$3.74) (for people outside the Philippines) or 100php (for people inside the Philippines, you get one (1) raffle entry. You can send as many entries as you want.

So for example:
-You are from America and donated 750php. You get five raffle entries. :3
-You are from the Philippines and donated 700php. You get seven raffle entries.

3) Make your donation to the Philippine Red Cross:
-For international users: Please use paypal only. Here is their paypal page.
-For Filipino users: Please send them via bank deposit, Cebuana Lhuillier, 711 or Paypal only. You can check for details here.

4) Email me at with the subject SEIYUU CDs RAFFLE DONATION with the following details.

Tumblr: (N/A if you don’t have one)
Facebook: (N/A if you don’t have one)
e-mail address:
Confirmation number: (if you used paypal)
Total donation (please indicate if dollars or Philippine peso):
Scan of the receipt:

5) I’ll respond to your e-mail with the corresponding raffle ticket numbers. 🙂

6) Raffle period is from today, November 12, 2013 to December 20, 2013.

7) will be used to pick the winners.

8) I’ll be announcing the winners on or before December 22, 2013! 🙂

9) I’ll be contacting the winners in private about prize details. \o\ If the winners do not reply within 7 days, I’ll pick another.



Prize 1: (1 winner)

The winner can choose one (1) from the following items:

  • Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai BLCD
  • NightS BLCD
  • Free! Drama CD (winner picks if first or second drama cd)
  • Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Drama CD (winner picks which volume)
  • Diabolik Lovers More Blood Drama CD (winner picks which volume)
  • OLDCODEX Contrast Silver album (Normal Edition)
  • Miyano Mamoru “PASSAGE” album (Normal Edition)

(P.S. Depending on how well the raffle goes, there might be more than one winner and more prizes ^u^)

Special Prizes: (thank you Lee for these!) (1 winner)

  • Bousou Kareshi manga
  • Kurobasu Doujinshi – dotnight contrast (Kagami x Kuroko)
  • and Kurobasu stickers

2) For the special prizes, shipping is not included.

2) The raffle prize does not include customs fees / taxes.

3) Prize is transferrable. Meaning, if you win but want to give the prize to another person, it’s ok. But again, that person has to be ok with giving their name and shipping address.


That’s it! You can track the tag #seiyuuraffledonation for more updates regarding this or you can follow me. Whatever floats your boat~ xD

Again, I appeal to the generosity of other seiyuu fans. Your donations will mean a lot to those affected by the storm. And hey — you have the chance to get some goodies for a fraction of the cost! 😀 If you really can’t join then please just reblog this post, so that this gets around!

Thank you so much!


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa ~Kiyoka Meigetsu~


Or more popularly known as the Wasurenagusa artbook. If you’ve been following me on tumblr or twitter, I guess you already know that I love Wasurenagusa with all of my black little heart. This first went on sale last April I think and was just available for a month…. I wasn’t able to get it then but when it went back on sale, I had to make sure that I’d get it. I love this series and Suou’s art too much that I couldn’t pass it up.

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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story Premium

[Oh. This has been on my drafts for weeks. Also I wouldn’t really call this a review because I wrote this without finishing a route… So it’s more of like my impressions of the game. xD]

Hi! I haven’t been posting stuff here since uh… Dragon’s Dogma (among with other things of course)  has been eating my time. lol. Let’s save that for another post shall we? xD

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