[Drama CD]Seventh Heaven vol. 3 review


Time for non-lyric related content! 😀

Seventh Heaven is a Drama CD series by Rejet. Ah, Rejet — masters of giving feels. xD The basic premise of this series is that there is a place called Hiragi-kan, or Hiragi Mansion. People who have ventured into that place are rumored to never have returned. That’s because in Hiragi-kan lives seven shinigami who with their songs, are able to send souls to the other side.


I’ve been following this series since the first volume, and so far it hasn’t failed to give me feels after… With that, my expectations for the third volume were rather high. First, because it’s Takahashi Naozumi voicing Itsuki, second, the voice samples were really good and third Itsuki is said to be your childhood friend so I was curious how that’d work. Takahashi Naozumi (or Nao-nii) is also Saito in Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa, and if anything that series made me join in the Drama CD fandom. xD That being said, Nao-nii’s really good with drama stuff and well, the use of dummy head mic. xD

Well… feels I asked for, and feels I got. But It’s kinda different from the previous two. This time, rather than just feeling sad, I wanted to punch a wall and scream at the sky after. haha

The beginning starts just like the first two volumes. Itsuki finds you passed out, after apparently you tried to commit suicide by drowning. He’s really rattled, upon finding you because other than you attempting to take your own life, you promised to him that you would never come near Hiragi mansion. He wonders why you seem to be unaware of this promise, as well as his identity but that’s because…

You apparently have no memories. 

Although troubled by this, Itsuki introduces himself to you once again, that he’s your childhood friend, and that he’s not a human but a shinigami of Seventh Heaven. He promises that on the next full moon with his song, he will let you pass on.

Like the other two shinigami, with his very long life of boredom, took an interest in you. The only difference is that he had seen you when you were little. He was so interested in you that he had done so much as to convince Kanade (king(?)or leader of seventh heaven), with much difficulty, to allow him to assume a human form given that he will take your soul if you ever step foot near Hiragi-kan. (the terms of their deal I’m not sure I got right orz feel free to comment if I got it wrong)


To be quite honest, I got a little disappointed when I heard that the girl had amnesia… I was like, “oh no, not this shit again”. But then again I guess there’s no better way to go about this theme (and kick us with feels with).

But gosh, Itsuki is just so cute and nice and ahhhh cripes how can you not like someone like that? ;A; From the beginning it’s obvious that Itsuki has feelings for you and you won’t fail to feel that all throughout. He’s very sweet and a little flirtatious. But his feelings for you are very, very pure. xD That’s the bad thing about it, I guess. He loved you so much that he thought he could save you. But he can’t.

And what’s worse is that in the end, he loses his memories…. of you.

That’s just cruel! ;___; Kanade water you doing 😦

Other than the completely twisted ending, I really enjoyed this volume. Nao-nii’s voice acting is top notch as usual. That dummy head mic goodness at track 6 is just alkdfjalkdfjalskdjfalskdjf (I’m sorry but there’s no better way to express this but in fangirlnese xD). Nao-nii’s just so very good at these smexy scenes…O|-<

The song, “Reunion” was really beautiful too. The acoustic guitar at the beginning helped give it a gentle, nostalgic feel.


So… four volumes left. I don’t know if I’m happy that the remaining four are all Do-S types. Hahahaha XD I shall await every release with anticipation but I’m really looking forward to Shion (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) because 1) Tattsun 2) Tattsun 3) his profile says erotic + Tattsun  (hahaha) and Kanade (Morikubo Showtaro) just because of all of the douchebaggery he’s done every volume. : | Lol I need an explanation, or some sort of karma. xD


6 thoughts on “[Drama CD]Seventh Heaven vol. 3 review

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to listen to this volume… I’ll probably cry my eyes out or something… ;w; But I need to wait for my copy to arrive in hopefully one month. orz And yes, I hope Tattsun’s voice sample will be up soon, because I’ll be deciding on getting it, if the samples are good. xD But there are plenty of Tattsun fans around here, so I hope there will be still a copy left for me, when I want to buy it. LMAO

    But he loses his memory of YOU? Maybe… Kanade did it to not let Itsuki suffer? Well, we can’t decide this yet I guess, but let’s see if Kanade is our evil “bitch”. °w°

    And you’re so evil… Some sort of “karma” for Kanade? xDD You go, girl! 8D

    • Hi~ welcome and thanks for reading!

      Waaah! A month! Whoa, that’s too long! But I guess that gives you enough time to prepare for the feels? Lol

      And yeah, he loses his memories ;____; And nah I it’s not out of kindness at all xD I don’t necessarily think that Kanade’s evil (based on his profile) it’s just that he’s very bored with his long ass life… But I’m still hoping there’s some backstory or something as to why he’s jaded enough to play tricks on everyone else xD

      Ahahaha I’m too much of a Tattsun fangirl that I’m preordering regardless of how the samples will be… O|-<

      • Oh, you know… The more I prepare for the feels, the worser it gets… usually. x’D So yeah… Let’s see. But I actually made a mistake, when I ordered Seventh Heaven 3, because I picked Surface Mail instead of SAL. God, I don’t even want to remember my stupidity… orz orz

        Well, Rejet won’t fail to make up a good and fitting backstory for Kanade… It’s Rejet, we’re talking about after all. 😀 It’s always so nice, how the characters are never OCC. The story is always written with care and it flows nicely… Rejet is thinking about the details too, which makes it more enjoyable to listen to its series’.

        Ahahaha… Well, that’s what fangirl’s are for. :’D You can’t resist Tattsun releases and I can’t resist Hosoyan or Maeno releases. ;w; Fair enough I guess. xD

      • Wah, surface mail… that does take forever! D’x

        I agree that Rejet writes really well! 😀 I got to play Black Wolves Saga and I really, really liked the story. And I’ve liked most of the drama CDs they’ve come up so far. It’s kind of a bad thing that Rejet loves Tattsun though….*sees money flying away*

        Ahhhhhhh Hosoyan! I love Hosoyan too but as much as I want to get his releases…*looks at dying wallet* Right now I guess I can only support one bias ahahaha xD

      • Ahahaha… Well yeah… It’s hard to keep up with all releases you like to buy. ;w; *looks at own empty wallet* Well, I’m sticking to Hosoyan or Maeno and Nao-nii, but sometimes I go out of my way and buy other CD’s, if I really liked them… My shelf consists of Drama CD’s from plenty of different seiyuu, because of this. xD

        Seems like Rejet has taken a liking on Nao-nii too. xD He’s like featured in almost ALL Rejet works so far. LMAO

        Oh yes… BWS is soo good. I’m on hiatus with LH, because it broke my heart so much and I’m not brave enough to touch it again. ;w; GDI, REJET!!

      • Hahaha I’m still not a hundred percent done with Bloody Nightmare too because I couldn’t handle everything that was happening ;A; I have Guillan’s and Julian’s routes left ahahaha orz

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